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Who is Anna Maria Sanguineti

Anna Maria Sanguineti in her office

Who is     Anna Maria Sanguineti
I  am a real  estate  agent  since 1982
and  I  have  been  in  real  estate  for  along  time
 having  my  father  as  a  builder.  

I  have  a  University  degree  in  economics  and a real estate master.
I  am  registered with
n.374  in  Genoa   Chamber  of  Commerce -
R.E.A. n. 266762 and  with

n.206  in  F.I.A.I.P. ( Italian  Real  Estate  Agent  Professional  Federation  joint ) and in
C.E.I. ( Confederation  Europeenne  de  l'immobilier)    and
N.A.R. ( National  Association  of  Realtors )  U.S.A - International.

I   provide   You   with   a   thorough   professional   and   personal   service
   to   buy   or   to  sell  Your   holidays   or   residential  home
in   Tigullio  Gulf  Ligurian   Riviera
     covering   every   aspect   of   the  transaction   with   the  minimum   of   problems   for   You.

* free  valuation                 * no  sale  no  fee               * no  rent  no  fee
* property   management,   services  and   assistance
* flat  and  distinctive  homes          

open 6 days a  week  to  provide You  personal  care  and attention (closed on Sundays and holidays)

Real  estate  area  brokerage  is something  many  people  does.

Professionalism  and
the  pursuit  of  meeting  the  customers  real  estate needs
 are  not,  on  the  contrary,  in  everybody  mind.

My  aim  is  always  finding  out  "YOUR"  dreamed  real  estate.


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